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What's Available

Examples of Records Available at ACF:

·         Approved grant applications for ACF programs

·         Records relating to individual unaccompanied children for the period they are in ACF custody: See

·         Head Start Grantee monitoring reports:

·         Policy guide for the unaccompanied children program:

·         Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) technical bulletins and instructions:  See


To see documents that have already been published, please visit our reading room.

Examples of Records NOT available at ACF:


        ·         Birth records.  For more information , see

·         Adoption records  For more information, see

·         Records of local child welfare and child protection agencies

·         Court records of child custody, support or adopt proceedings

·         Child custody records

·         Subcontracts relating to ACF grants

·         Old records - Under the General Records Schedule and HHS Records Management policy, records and other documents that are no longer active enough to warrant retention in office space are removed as rapidly as possible. Depending on the nature of the record and the Records Schedule, records may be removed by transfer to a Federal Records center or approved retention site or by destruction. For example, since 2014, grants records are destroyed after 10 years.

·         ACF Purchase Card Holders - The list of current ACF purchase card holders is available from the Program Support Center FOIA staff at


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